BioVeda Technologies Inc. (BVT) is a pioneering corporation that specializes in the scientific integration of holistic medical philosophies and complementary alternative medicine (CAM) with the best of modern technology and homeopathic remedies to provide an alternative, non-invasive and natural approach to health and wellness.

We provide our technology, medical devices and nutritional products to licensed health care practitioners who seek to expand their health care services.  We offer them the ability to provide therapeutic relief for their patients, whose symptoms often go unsolved using traditional, western, medical approaches.

Through our unique understanding of how environmental substances can impact and influence normal bodily function, we are able to help provide assessment, therapy and supplemental support to dramatically improve overall patient health and wellness.  BioVeda Technologies incorporates techniques and principles of chiropractic care, homeopathy, naturopathy and nutrition into our technology and complementary products.  Our goal is to remove interference from the body, allowing it to heal itself.  Our technology is used to reduce physiological stress on the nervous system caused by inappropriate reactions to specific environmental substances and subsequently strengthen the immune system.  Our technology is patented, features the FDA cleared DCM and is fully automated making it both therapeutically effective and a practical complementary addition to any practice.

Our goal as a company is to help as many people realize improved health and relief using our technology and homeopathic remedies.  We are guided by a patient before profit approach and look for doctors who share our principles and ideology.

The BAX 3000™, introduced by BioVeda Technologies, formerly BioAllergenix, has been rapidly accepted into the alternative health care industry based on its dramatic success rates in reducing and eliminating a myriad of chronic symptoms. Through the use of Neurological Stress Reduction Therapy or NSRTSM, the BAX 3000, provides a much needed alternative to help patients’ symptoms associated with common ailments such as allergies, asthma, migraines, IBS, CFS, food sensitivities and chronic skin conditions.

NSRT is achieved by measuring increases in neurological stress levels associated with specific environmental substances and coupling these environmental stressors with a positive stimulus conditioning the body to react normally during real world exposure. This is done using a proprietary and patented LASERSM or light and sound energy relaxation technique which stimulates nerve bundles located on acupuncture points and along the spine triggering the brain to release endorphins and enkephalins which calm the nervous system, thus breaking the previous negative association. Rather than releasing histamine during future real world exposure, the brain elicits a neutral reaction.

The BAX 3000 provides a fast, fully-automated, painless, non-invasive and effective methodology to address the suffering of millions of people who previously had few options for relief.

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